Mike Nutter

When I was a very little boy, My Dad had a small handheld telescope that I believe he used for surveying. My older brother loved the stars and would once in a while go outside and look at the moon and stars with this. I became intrigued with this and would go outside with my brother to look at the sky. This started my love for the stars.

Skip ahead 20 years and my brother and I purchased a matching pair of Tasco scopes. These were nice to play with but were quickly replaced with Meade ETX-70's. These scope were great. We were able to control them with our computers and embrace the tech side of things that both of us love.

Skip ahead a few years and my desire grew for a much bigger scope. I purchased my 10" Meade LX200GPS. This led to purchasing of more equipment and now the building of an observatory to insure that I will be using my equipment more often.

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